Investor Relations/Sustainability


We work with the wider sustainability agenda under Responsibility

Minimising our Environmental Impact

Initiatives under this pillar include developing CO2 emissions measurements, how we can consume less resources in our offices and onboard our vessles and how the Hawks can assist the shipping industry’s long term transition towards alternative fuels.

Leading industry governance

Our operating model already builds on pioneering industry governance initiatives such as our sanctions compliance and anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures. In the future we will continue leading the race for transparency and accountability across the bunkering industry.

Promoting people and relations

Personal Business Starts with respect and equal opportunities for everyone in the hawks and those we engage with. Initiatives under this pillar also include measuring our internal health and safety process, providing learning opportunities and positively impacting the local communities we form part of.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a high priority for The Hawks.

As a local family business, we believe we can contribute to positive and sustainable developments for the benefit of our society. Since its incorporation in 2007, the company has been addressing challenges in a range of key focus sectors, from education, environment, sports and the economy.

We have undertaken numerous activities to make a difference for our employees, the local community, and the Maldivian economy. Notably, in 2017, our contributions included the Maldivian Investment Forum Dubai, South Asian Youth Summit in India, and the JCI Maldives Peace Run. In 2018, we contributed to the Millennium Youth Leaders Camp and the Maldives Civil Service Conference, while in 2019, a Cleaning Quest at Rasdhoo was organised.