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Hawks Colombo Pvt Ltd

Hawks Colombo Pvt Ltd is the newest physical bunker supplier in Sri Lanka, and a 100% investment of The Hawks Pvt Ltd, Maldives.

With more than 15 years of experience in the fuel supply business and exceptional attention to the needs of its clientele, The Hawks Pvt Ltd, Maldives have developed an extensive, innovative product and service portfolio. Our current portfolio consists of fuel supply and related services, bunkering, construction, boatyard services, lathe workshop, bricks factory, tug boats, ferry and speedboats, as well as hotels. Irrespective of the field of expertise, The Hawks has proven itself to be an unparalleled business entity in the Maldives time and time again. We operate a state-of-the-art fuel storage terminal of 30,000 metric ton capacity, along with a floating storage capacity of 17,500 metric tons, and a fleet of six (6) ocean-going tanker vessels, including three (3) foreign-going tankers, fourteen (14) supply barges, two (2) tug boats, seven (7) gulf craft speed boats and a landing craft for bunkering and other logistics services in the Maldives. The Hawks Pvt Ltd has been a continuous supplier of marine gas oil to all the bunker sunliers in Sri Lanka.

The Hawks Pvt Ltd has been a continuous supplier of marine gas oil to all the bunker suppliers in Sri Lanka over the last few years enabling the Sri Lankan bunkering companies to cater to the demand of both the marine and local industries. While we are dedicated to continuing our support and have decided to enhance our presence in this market and commenced operating as a physical bunker supplier with a view to expanding the horizon of the bunkering industry in Sri Lanka as a whole to generate additional foreign exchange for the country. We are licensed by the Ministry of Energy Sri Lanka and supply and operate our bunkering business through JCT Ltd, Colombo Oil Bank, which is the bonded storage of marine fuels.

UAE Office

The Hawks PVT LTD established a trading office in Dubai under the name The Hawks Middle East Trading LLC and can offer numerous opportunities for business expansion and access to the Global and Middle Eastern market. Primary objective is to provide comprehensive bunker solution to ship owners, operators, and charterers, ensuring cost-effective and efficient operations.

Key points to highlight regarding our expertise: Market Knowledge Over 16 years of experience in the bunker industry has equipped us with an in-depth understanding of market trends, pricing dynamics and regulations. Extensive network Through our professional network and established relationship with suppliers we possess the ability to supply bunker at competitive prices. Tailored solution We are pride to provide personalized bunker solution that align with client's specific needs. Commitment to Excellence - The Hawks Middle East Trading LLC dedicated to building long-term relationships based on trust, reliability and delivering exceptional service.

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Singapore Office

SG Hawks is a company dedicated to delivering value to our customers, suppliers, and shareholders with the utmost integrity and ethics. Leveraging our global access to suppliers and scale, we offer competitive prices with attractive terms. Our experienced trading team is well-equipped to assist customers with fuel procurement planning and logistics, port supply and pricing dynamics, delivery options, and fuel specifications.

Our team of dedicated traders in Singapore is committed to delivering the best services in the industry. We aim to be more than just a trading partner providing competitive rates and timely delivery. As a global solutions provider for our clients, we adhere to quality assurance standards in line with ISO. Our extensive industry know-how and deep understanding of the international landscape, coupled with access to an unparalleled global network of committed suppliers, enable us to meet the unique needs of each client.

At SG Hawks, we understand that all client's requirements are unique. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring quick responses and on-time delivery to minimize downtime and keep vessels in motion. We are proud to share both our global and local expertise with you. With the support of our global team around the region, SG Hawks is dedicated to serving and conquering challenges while meeting industry standards and fulfilling clients requests.

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