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From fuel supplies to support services, catering to the archipelago

We are one of the leading importers and distributors of high-quality fuel in the Maldives. Starting as a family business, we have developed an extensive product portfolio through more than 15 years of experience in fuel supply. With exceptional attention to the needs of our clients, our excellent customer service, reliable on-time delivery, and certified products provide ultimate satisfaction to our all esteemed clients across the nation. We are one of the leading importers and distributors of high-

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Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan


Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan, the Chairman of the Hawks, embarked on his career in a government office in Baa Kamadhoo. He dedicated approximately 33 years to various administrative roles. Throughout these years, he also dabbled in a couple of small businesses, considering them both a hobby and a safety net. Alongside his official duties, he ventured into owning a supply boat and managing souvenir shops. Driven by his unwavering determination, Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan nurtured a vision of establishing a nationwide retail business. Upon retiring from his government post, he relocated with his family to Male', the capital city of Maldives. In 2007, Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan established The Hawks, commencing its operations as a startup venture. The company embarked on its journey with a modest pickup truck boasting a capacity of 5000 liters, strategically engaging with prominent entities within the market to secure fuel supplies. Through unwavering determination and a resolute ambition, Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan successfully cultivated a collaboration with Fuel Supply Maldives (FSM) during its inception. The initial stages of the enterprise were met with a plethora of challenges, particularly within the fiercely competitive fuel industry of that era. Nonetheless, Mr. Hassan's unyielding perseverance and steadfast commitment propelled The Hawks forward. Presently, The Hawks boasts an impressive array of accomplishments. Their presence within the capital city alone comprises 14 fuel bowsers, alongside a robust fleet consisting of 34 vessels. This fleet encompasses a diverse range of assets, including 2 vessels designated for international operations, 3 oil tankers, 5 ferries, 10 speed boats, 13 barges, and 1 landing craft. Furthermore, The Hawks has successfully established its reach across the nation with 7 strategically positioned fuel stations. The focal point of The Hawks' prowess lies within their fuel distribution fleet, distinguished by a spectrum of storage capacities ranging from 15,000 liters to an impressive 9.5 million liters. This expansive capacity serves as a testament to the company's commitment to efficient and comprehensive fuel distribution across the Maldives. Under Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan's adept guidance, The Hawks has achieved: significant expansion over the course of the past 16 years, diversifying its portfolio across various business segments. Notably, The Hawks successfully forayed into the hospitality industry, establishing boutique hotels that exemplify their commitment to excellence. In addition, their scope extended to encompass Hawks Transport, Hawks Boat Yard Services, Hawks Lathe Workshop, Hawks Tailoring, and Hawks FMCG, demonstrating their prowess in a multitude of sectors. The journey of his visionary endeavor is highlighted by a series of strategic expansions: In 2011, Hawks Bricks Factory was established in K. Thilafushi and Baa Kamadhoo, with a production capacity of 10,000 blocks per day. Concurrently, Mr. Rasheed inaugurated the first retail outlet under the Hawks umbrella in K. Thilafushi. This strategic move aimed to ensure that the local residents have access to affordable everyday essentials, further solidifying Hawks Group's commitment to the community. The year 2012 witnessed the inception of Hawks Transport, marked by the acquisition of a fleet of speed boats. Presently, the fleet encompasses 10 speed boats and 5 ferries. The subsequent year saw the introduction of ferry services. To manage the expanding Hawks Vessel Fleet and Transport Fleet, the Hawks Boat Yard commenced operations in 2013. With a dry-docking capacity of up to 1900MT vessels, complemented by a fiber workshop and inboard/outboard engine service center. In 2014, Hawks Group ventured into the hospitality sector with the inauguration of Airport Beach Hotel in Hulhumale'. This initial step was soon followed by the transformation of Mr. Rasheed's private residence in Baa Kamadhoo into a boutique hotel, creating a seamless blend of luxury and comfort for discerning guests. The group's hospitality portfolio expanded in 2022 with the unveiling of Clarks Exotica Kamadhoo, offering an enhanced inventory of 72 beds and modern facilities, ensuring a truly memorable holiday experience. The year 2016 marked the launch of Hawks Lathework Shop in K. Thilafushi, offering an array of precision services such as drilling, milling, and turning. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence, Hawks Group continued to diversify with the establishment of Hawks Tailor Shop in the same location in 2019. This tailor shop specializes in customizing sunbrella materials, cushions, curtains, and leather seats to cater to the unique preferences of clients. Embracing new horizons, 2021 saw the advent of Hawks FMCG. This sector focuses on the import and distribution of fresh produce including fruits and vegetables, poultry, dairy, and cooking essentials. With a rapidly expanding client base encompassing over 20 entities across the Maldives, Mr. Ahmed Rasheed remains resolute in his aspiration to further amplify the growth trajectory of this dynamic venture.

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Mr. Hassan Rifau

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hassan Rifau's affiliation with The Hawks Pvt Ltd dates back to his formative educational years, and his responsibilities have expanded significantly since. Collaborating closely with Chairman Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan, he actively participated in the company's initial fuel supply operations. Over time, he has emerged as a pivotal figure with profound expertise in the fuel sector and the construction industry. Within the realm of the fuel sector, Mr. Hassan Rifau has been a driving force, demonstrating keen acumen in recognizing the company's fuel storage requirements. His leadership has been integral in procuring and constructing barges and establishing an optimized fuel distribution network. Notably, he has been instrumental in strategically identifying locations for fuel operations, resulting in the successful establishment of seven fuel stations across the nation. His international outlook is evidenced by his role in inaugurating The Hawks' regional offices in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Dubai, where the company now operates as a physical supplier. In the domain of construction, Mr. Hassan Rifau has overseen diverse projects encompassing hotels, fuel stations, and storage facilities. A noteworthy achievement is the completion of a substantial 30,000CBM storage facility and fuel terminal at K. Thilafushi, where he exhibited comprehensive involvement from project conception to its fruition. Recent accomplishments under his guidance include the inauguration of a cutting-edge fuel station in the greater Male' area, featuring pioneering automated car and bike wash amenities. Within administrative capacities, Mr. Hassan Rifau commands the helm of the company's overall operations. He serves as the primary liaison between the Board of Directors and corporate functions, steering procurement processes, logistics operations, and asset maintenance. Under his adept stewardship, The Hawks Pvt Ltd has ascended to the echelons of the top 100 companies in the Maldives. This trajectory has been underscored by a constellation of prestigious accolades, spanning excellence in bunkering and fuel supply, commendable tanker operations, distinguished wholesale and retail practices, as well as laudable contributions to the hospitality sector. Among these honors are titles such as "Best Bunkering and Fuel Supplier, "Best Tanker (Fuel) Operator", "Excellence in Wholesale and Retail" as well as in the hospitality sector "Leading Business Hotel in the Maldives", at the South Asian Travel awards and the award "Best Business Hotel" and "Airport Hotel" in the Maldives at MATATO Travel Awards.

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Mr. Hussain Aman

General Manager

Mr. Hussain Aman graduated from Monash University in Malaysia with a Bachelor's in Business and Commerce and a Master's in International Business. He has successfully incorporated his academic knowledge into the work of The Hawks Pvt Ltd. Even as he was pursuing his academic pursuits, his fundamental understanding of procurement, logistics, marketing, and business management made a substantial contribution to the company's growth trajectory. Beginning his journey under the direct mentorship of the CEO, Mr. Aman's dedication and expertise led to his appointment as General Manager. His role encompasses holistic oversight, spanning strategic and operational Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship activities. He excels in deciphering market potential, fostering innovative product development, and amplifying sales avenues to drive long-term value and maximize revenue. In his capacity as General Manager, Mr. Aman oversees the entire spectrum of procurement and administrative functions, meticulously crafting a streamlined operational framework. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that all facets of the company's operations are executed with precision and efficiency. As the Director of Sales and Communications, Mr. Aman orchestrates an orchestra of strategic and operational activities, enveloping Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship endeavors. His astute market analysis, combined with innovative product development ideas, underscores his commitment to fostering enduring value and enhancing revenue streams. Mr. Aman assumes the mantle of Director of Sales and Communications, playing a pivotal role as the company's face. His active engagement in representing The Hawks at fairs and exhibitions reinforces the company's brand presence and resonance. With an academic foundation in International Business and Administration and his strategic leadership at The Hawks since 2017, Mr. Hussain Aman stands as a cornerstone in the company's success story. His role as both General Manager and Director of Sales and Communications underscores his multifaceted expertise and enduring commitment to excellence.

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Ms. Aminath Agleema

Director of HR

With a Bachelor of Human Resources Management with Honors from the University of Sunderland London, United Kingdom, she oversees all functions relating to administration and daily office operations. She is also responsible for streamlining management systems, communicating with local ministries, securing national and international insurance, and the legal counseling team. As part of Human Resource Management, she supervises and provides consultation to the management on strategic employee plans. Along with recruiting management, and talent management and development, as well as budgeting and labor relations for more than 500 employees.

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Fathimath Agisa

Chief Financial Officer

The holder of a Bachelor of Accountancy with Honors from Multimedia University, Malaysia and a Master of Business Administration from the Victoria University of Australia, she joined the company at its founding in 2007 on a part-time basis while holding a position as the Finance Manager of the Project Division of the Maldives Monetary Authority. She has since begun working full time for the company and oversees all aspects of the Finance and Accounting functions of the company. She heads the development of the financial strategy for a profitable long-term growth, drives the financial planning by analyzing the business performance and risk, and oversees all audit and internal control operations.

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Mr. Mohamed Ashraf

Director of Hotel Operations

He is an experienced professional in the field of guest services and hotel management in Asia. As such, he overseas operations for the establishment of Hawks Hotels in the fields of professional housekeeping services, delivering high quality food and beverage services, security and staff management. Joined the company at its founding in 2007 and expertly overseas all Sales and Marketing and Financial responsibilities of the hotel division of The Hawks. He is also instrumental in working with the General Managers of the hotel division to meet budget and sales goals for the company.

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Mr. Ali Ashfaq

Director of Transportation

He overseas the Transportation Department to ensure safe and efficient services. He is also responsible for the schedules and routes of the speed boat and ferry services, along with cargo transportation within Maldivian borders. Mr. Ashfag also defines and implements methods to improve logistical needs, monitors the fleet performance and safety standards of all vessels and vehicles. He is also responsible for managing all transport related expenditures to ensure that the company’s goals.