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Project Initiation

The first part of any project, including a construction project, is the initiation phase or the conception phase. During this phase, our team will work with the client to identify their needs and how our team will meet them. We will be running a feasibility study or do a full business case to analyze whether or not the project is doable.

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Once we signed the contract our team will move to pre-construction. This is where we do field testing and strategize the construction phases. We believe the pre-construction phase is critical to a successful construction and completion of the project.

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Project Execution

The project execution phase is exactly what it sounds like, this is when our project team and general contractors are building your project. During the project execution phase, we will be focusing on communication with clients as we believe poor communication will lead to project failure.

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Once the final product is built, we will move on to the commissioning phase. The three steps we follow in commissioning are, 1. Do a final walkthrough 2. Present the finished building to our client 3. Train the client on any systems before final handover