Boat Yard Services


Located on the industrial island Thilafushi, services from The Hawks Boat Yard include dry docking, professional boat building, fiber works, as well as refurbishments of existing vessels – all done according to the clients’ needs.
To maintain the highest standards, we work with our own skilled team, thereby retaining control of every step in the manufacturing process and ensuring that components are built to exceed industry standards and our clients’ expectations.


Conveniently located on Thilafushi island, The Hawks Boat Yard has the ability to conduct both dry dock and afloat repairs. We operate a graving dry dock with a maximum capacity of 500 DWT and extensive repair berth facilities. Routine dry-docking repairs, major layup repairs, collision damages, conversions and retrofits are professionally expediated, and we also have extensive experience in machinery, piping, steel, electrical and electronics. Repair and maintenance of fiberglass vessels is also one of our specialties.


With over 7 years of experience, The Hawks Boat Yard has evolved into a reputable force in the country. Our ability to carry out construction of varied vessels exceed the requirements stipulated by the Maldives transport authority classifications. At the same time, clients are able to fully customise the vessel to meet their requirements, which has also helped pave the way to our company’s success.


Equipped with extensive technical know-how and experience, The Hawks Boatyard delivers high quality products and valuable engineered services that cover civil, mechanical and electrical engineering work, from design to construction. We are highly specialized in petrochemical, mega power, building, irrigation, heavy structures, infrastructure development, and marine construction.